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Los Angeles is a Southern California city and the center of the television and film industry of the nation. Los Angeles is famous as the “City of Angels”. This city is known for its diverse culture, glamorous lifestyle and some iconic landmarks. This city attracts lots of visitors every year and offers a plethora of tourist attractions showcasing the great mixture of history, entertainment and natural beauty as well. Los Angeles has something for everyone whether we talk about cultural hotspots, Hollywood and even if about stunning beaches. If you are willing to spend your precious time here then book cheap flights to Los Angeles via We Love Travel and enjoy the beauty.

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  1. Some Tourist Places You Should Visit In Los Angeles
  2. Hollywood Walk of Fame: This is one of the most iconic tourist places to visit in Los Angeles. This is stretched along Hollywood Boulevard, the sidewalk is embedded with more than 2600 brass starts honoring the achievements of several actors, directors, musicians and other celebrities. Visitors walking in this walk of fame can find the stars of their favorite icons which makes it a must watch for anyone who is fascinated by the glamour and the glitz of the entertainment industry.
  3. Griffith Observatory: Griffith Observatory is the historic landmark and is a popular tourist destination in Los Angeles. If you are planning to fly to Los Angeles then you should visit this place. This is perched on the slopes of the Mount Hollywood. One can get a chance to visit and explore exhibits on space, astronomy and science. Those who are science enthusiasts, with the help of telescope, one can do stargazing and engage planetarium shows.
  4. Venice Beach: When you are planning to book direct flights to Los Angeles on your vacations, you must visit Venice Beach there. It is famous for its blue water and its glorious sandy beaches. One can enjoy several activities at this beach, for example, rollerblades, skateboarders and joggers. Apart from these, one can also enjoy street performs which are lined up along the walkway.
  5. Santa Monica Beach: When we are talking about Los Angeles tourist places, how can we forget about Santa Monica beach. This gives you a classic experience with its amusement park. This beach also features an aquarium, iconic Ferris wheel and lively atmosphere. It is a very family friendly destination with a glorious ocean views.
  6. The Museum of Jurassic Technology: This place is also counted as one of the tourist attraction in Los Angeles. It’s just has a name as Jurassic but there is nothing to do with dinosaurs. It has some unusual sights which include incredibly small sculptures and a bat that can fly through walls. This museum is a combination of facts and fictions.

All these places are very popular in Los Angeles, apart from these, there are some other places as well where you can enjoy the specialty of Los Angeles. Some other places like The Getty Center, Universal studios, Disneyland Park, The Nethercutt Collection are also tourist attraction places where you can visit. So, don’t waste your time if you are planning to book air ticket to Los Angeles.

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